Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for considering the eMars electronic certified payroll system

Introducing eMars - Your Reliable Payroll Compliance Solution Company

Welcome to eMars, your reliable payroll compliance solution company. Our system ensures that the moment a payroll is submitted, the information is available in real-time to all parties who have access to the system, making it easy to identify any non-compliance issues that can be addressed immediately. At eMars, we understand that clear communication is essential to ensure that all parties are aware of any issues that may arise. That's why our system displays all problems on our screens for everyone to see at the same time, eliminating the need for emails that can be overlooked or not received by all concerned parties.

With eMars, only two parties are involved in data handling - you and eMars. Our system provides a convenient way for contractors to revise their payroll if an error is made, and all revisions are maintained in the system with an audit trail. Our secure internal messaging system also provides a record as proof of a contractor's attempt to resolve a problem, eliminating the risk of miscommunication or excuses such as "I didn't get your email because my Outlook didn't work that day".

Q Is the information in real time?

The instant a payroll is submitted, the information is available to all parties who have access to the system. Any non-compliance issues can be addressed immediately.

Q Do we need emails for problem notifications or is all information displayed on screens?

All problems are clearly on our screens for all to see at the same time? No emails are necessary. Emails get overlooked. Emails are sent after the fact. There is no record of this transaction on the screen and the email may not go to all concerned parties - Auditor, Prime and Subs

Q Is there a third party involved?

With e-Mars there are only 2 parties involved in data handling, you and e-Mars.

Q Can payroll errors be identified and modified before validating and signing?


No, this can lead to fraud. Payrolls should be submitted as prepared. If an error is made, the contractor is provided with a convenient way to revise the payroll. All revisions are maintained in the system and there is an Audit Trail.

Q Is there a secure internal (not using an email system) messaging system?


Our internal messaging system provides a record as proof of a contractors attempt to resolve a problem. The sub can never claim, "I didn't get your email because my Outlook didn't work that day."

Q Do they satisfy sections 3.1 and 4.2 of the public works manual? Can they accommodate base rate exceptions for California payrolls?

    California requires that the Base Rate be paid. However, if a contractor satisfies the 3 requirements that will allow them to pay less then the Base Rate our system will address this.

    Q Are deficiencies calculated automatically and prominently displayed?

      If any employee has been compensated less than the amount in the Wage Determination or required by various Federal and State rules, all payrolls with this deficiency are identified and an automatic calculation of the deficiency occurs.

      Q Who inputs and maintains the wage determinations in the system?

        eMars does this for you, including the approved apprentice schedules for rates and fringes and the predetermined increases. There is no charge regardless of the number of wage determinations entered.

        Q Can eMars provide appropriate apprentice information?

          We can provide an apprentice to journeyman ratios report and we can produce an error report if the ratios are incorrect. We will report if an apprentice works without a journeyman present regardless of the length of time.

          Q When predetermined increases take place, do the rates change in the wage determination and the employee records?

            We change the wage determination. The contractor can change the Employee record to reflect what was actually paid, not what was supposed to be paid.

            Q Is there a charge for mapping payrolls, renewal fees, data entry, extra wage determinations, or special reports?

              Once we establish a price for a project, you will never have a rate increase for that contract!

              Q How many fringes and deductions can be itemized?

                We can enter up to 10 different fringes and 10 deductions for each employee. These deductions and fringes are specific to the Company.

                Q Is there a charge for training and/or technical support?

                  We provide Training and technical support for all subcontractors on a project as part of the contract. We will never expect you to solve a problem.

                  Q Can payrolls be entered by copying from a previous payroll?

                    This is a convenient way for subcontractors that do not have a payroll system to enter their payrolls.

                    Q How fast is the response time for service calls?

                      We are proud of the fact that response to emails is almost immediate. You can always get a "live person" on the phone if needed. Neither you nor your subs will have to wait 24 to 48 hours for a reply to a question.

                      Q How secure is the information?

                          We provide top-notch security for your information with advanced encryption for transactions and raw data, secure servers and building, and regular intrusion tests.

                          Q Is your product patented?

                          Patent Number 8036960.

                          Q What about records after a project is closed?

                            We maintain the information on our servers for 7 years after a project closes. A permanent record can be downloaded by you of all payrolls entered into the system.

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